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SpecgifFreeBookBeast.com is a site that is totally dedicated to promoting the best in speculative fiction and helping visitors quickly find quality fiction to read for free or really cheap. As such, we focus on science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, horror, and apocalyptic stories. However, we understand that some tales that might be classified as speculative fiction really defy these genres or belong to more than one. With that said, we are never sticklers for exact genres and are open to all sorts of suggestions.

We really believe in the power of tales of the fantastic. You might almost say that we believe that we plan to save humanity through the exploration of the unknown. It sounds a bit crazy, but many inventions have owned their inspiration to a story. If we can dream it, we can do it! That’s what Free Book Beast is about.

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  • dark romance horror reverse harem vampires

    Taken by the Blood Coven

    Last month, we included Captive of the Dark Elves in our Spotlight section. Here’s another reverse harem dark romance by the same author, M Kay. This paranormal and erotic fantasy book features a plucky heroine and three hot vampires. If you enjoy some interesting horror lore mixed with smexy times, this is a good choice….

  • Dark Romance Reverse Harem

    Captive of the Dark Elves

    Here’s a new and smoking hot dark paranormal romance from author M Kay. If you’d like to learn more about M Kay, check out her dark romance book website. Meanwhile, enjoy our review of “Captive of the Dark Elves: Reverse Harem Dark Romance.” Reverse Harem Dark Romance: Captive of the Dark Elves To cut right…

  • Historical Romance

    The Historical Romance Book Genre Historical romances are a type of historical novel that takes place in the past. They may contain several plot lines, but the main plot usually follows the romance of the hero and heroine. The setting might be based upon fictionalized accounts of real events. While the authors of some historical…