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Alternate history is another speculative fiction genre that has become quite popular lately. This type of book looks and history, makes minor or major changes in historical events, and tells a tale based upon the author’s speculation about how these changes would play out over time.

This top 10 list of alternative history eBook freebies was updated on Tuesday, September 25th 2018:

INVASION: A Military Action
When a powerful new Caliphate unites the Islamic world, it casts its vengeful westwards, to Europe, where economic and political chaos has left its nations divided and weakened. As a million-strong army masses on Europe's borders, encrypted messages flash across the co...
The Count: The First Novella
In 1881, explorers in the Rocky Mountains discovered gateways to another planet. Britain and the United States quickly partnered to colonize and exploit this rich new world. Now it's 1896, and the promise of a new beginning has drawn ex-Sergeant Edwin Barnes, his wife E...
The Gettysburg Paradox: A
The greatest battle of all time, secretly fought by time travelers.It was madness, sheer madness. Soldiers from the future fighting a battle in the past. And did Gettysburg even belong to the 19th century anymore? Had it ever? Never before and perhaps never since would ...
Ides of March: Time Patrol
From the #1 bestselling science fiction author of Area 51, Atlantis, and Nightstalkers series.'If not, the Fates with traitors do contrive!' Julius Caesar, Act 2, Scene 3.From the Special Veteran Roland to the teenage girl, Scout, the hand-picked members of the Time Pat...
The Battle for Caddo Valley
New post-apocalyptic survival fiction - as America comes under attack, a civilian battalion rises.Decapitation of the North Korean regime has come at an unthinkable cost: three nuclear weapons detonated in shipping containers in the ports of New York, San Francisco and ...
The Texan and the Egyptian:
A Sky Fire Chronicles - Short StoryThe Texan and his Confederate friends' job was simple. Buy weapons for the war effort and transport them home--but nothing is ever that easy.On a ship in the middle of the Atlantic, the people around the Texan start ...
The Coming of the King
It is 1745, and the long awaited night has come.The BloodKing calls his army to battle and will bring them South to claim his birthright; the throne of Britain.Only the young Watchers on the old wall stand in his way.It is time for them to face their destinies - to what...
The United States Of Vinland:
What if?What if the descendants of the Vikings who settled Greenland and went on to reach North America around the end of the first millennium had stayed?Five hundred years later, would Christopher Columbus have arrived to the south of an eastern seaboard dotted with ce...
**This is EPISODE ONE of a serialized novel** Fans of The Man in the High Castle, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, Phillip K. Dick, Harry Turtledove, and Robert Conroy, Ted Dekker, and Stephen King will love THE FÜHRER'S DAUGHTER.New York Times and USA Today bestselling...
The Future is Now: An Alternate
A Mind-Bending Alternate History (Alternative History)The Future is Now is a short, mind-bending alternate history about the nature of time and how we all have the power to change the future - how one single act can literally change the course of history.Set in today's ...


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