An Optimistic Prediction for Lady Stoneheart

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Lady Stoneheart Predictions: Can Things Get Worse?



Quick summary of Lady Stoneheart: Sorry to bore any avid fans, but in a series with the scope of ASOIF, it’s easy to forget the details. Here’s a quick summary of Lady Stoneheart:

As any book readers should recall, Lady Stoneheart used to be Catelyn Stark. She and her son Robb were killed at the infamous Red Wedding. After spending some time as a corpse in a river, Lady Stark was resurrected into Lady Stoneheart. This occurred at the expense of Lord Beric’s “unlife.” Even resurected several times, and a shadow of his former self, Beric still remained a favorite Robin Hood character. Lady Stoneheart, with her awful appearance and craving for vengeance didn’t really warm reader’s hearts up the same way.

Lady Stoneheart Predictions for TWOW and Beyond

The newly risen LS only lives (or unlives) to kill anybody remotely associated with anybody remotely associated with The Red Wedding. Anybody with the last name of Bolton, Lannister, or Frey is fair game. So is anybody who serves these families. That’s sort of understandable.

However, unlike the more sympathetic Lord Beric, LS doesn’t really seem to care that much about protecting the weak. As readers, we certainly understand why she’s ticked off, but she’s sort of gross and unlikable.

The last we’ve heard, she seems to have convinced the noble Brienne to lead Jamie Lannister into a trap that will end in his death or hers. Jamie seems to have changed his ways, but if I had to pick, I’d still choose Brienne over Jamie. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Jamie would even sacrifice himself for Brienne. Knowing GRRM, that’s a red flag that Brienne’ in a lot more plot danger than Jamie is.

Why am I still summarizing the story of Lady Stoneheart? Yeah, this is supposed to eventually get to the predictions, but it’s all so complicated, right? OK, let’s give up and move even further back in the story. Some mention was made of how much Catelyn Star resented Jon Snow because he was Ned Stark’s (wink. wink.) illegitimate son.

Most readers just wish that somehow she could find out the truth, forgive both Ned and Jon, and find some peace in that knowledge. Rather than being dishonorable, Ned was actually being very honorable. Even though he might have put her and her own children in danger, most of us would like to think that Catelyn has grown noble enough to get past that.

OK, so readers also know that Jon suffered from a bad case of getting stabbed. It’s possible that he’s not dead, but it’s pretty likely that he’s dead. However, we’re all pretty sure that he’s dead like Beric was and not dead like Ned.

Here comes the prediction about the end of LS’s second life. Readers already know that Beric didn’t like being undead. It was miserable and uncomfortable. He could remember his present, but events from his actual life were fuzzy. Now, LS seems to remember her children. Apparently, everybody who’s been dead and sort of isn’t now, comes back differently. The explanation might be that LS has only been brought back from the other side one time, and Beric was brought back at least half a dozen time.

Will Catelyn Resurrect Jon?

Now you’ve got Jon who is dead at the wall. A really symmetric resolution would be Catelyn learning about Jon’s real parentage and delivering the kiss of life to him at the expense of her own unlife. She might be relieved to learn that Ned really never loved anybody but her, and that might actually be an epiphany that gives her some peace.

The biggest problem with this theory is that right now, Jon is at the wall and Catelyn is in the Riverlands. They are really far apart from each other. It’s actually not that hard to imagine that some news of one of her kids could draw her back towards Winterfell. It’s a little harder to figure out how Jon’s body would get transported back south. If winter is coming, his body might stay preserved and frozen for the journey, but it seems like the people at the wall would be more likely to cremate him quickly than bother to send him south, even if the Bolton family didn’t still hold Winterfell.

Of course, there is Bran in the Weirwood net. Could he possibly communicate with what used to be his mother to call her north to find Jon’s body frozen in an ice cell or something.

The other issue is that LS hasn’t shown up in the TV show, suggesting she’s not that important. She could show up in S6, or it’s possible that the book and show might handle the resurrection differently.

Honestly there are a lot of problems with this theory. However, the idea of having Lady Stoneheart ending her second life to revive Jon Snow seems to deliver one of those bittersweet moments that GRRM promised. It would be satisfying. However, as Ramsey said, this story is not going to have a happy ending.

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ML K is a speculative fiction author who also contributes to blogs and is actively employed as a professional writer. Please connect on Facebook and Twitter or comment below.

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ML K is a speculative fiction author who also contributes to blogs and is actively employed as a professional writer. Please connect on Facebook and Twitter or comment below.

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