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At Free Book Beast, our first goal is to save you time and money. We know there are lots of free and cheap speculative fiction eBooks on Amazon. Sadly, most of them aren’t that good. In fact, one of the biggest complaints that speculative fiction readers have is that they have to wade through a lot of poorly written or badly edited books in order to find some great fiction. We hope to help you save money by delivering daily freebies, but we also respect your time and taste! That’s why we use both manual checks and technology to deliver the best quality eBooks to you.

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As fans of fantasy, science fiction, horror, apocalyptic fiction, and magical realism, we have the taste and the technology to bring you the best deals on quality speculative fiction. We use a special search tool to highlight the daily free eBooks that are actually worth your time to read. There are many different reasons that authors and publishers offer free eBooks on Amazon.

Some new authors may hope to get their names out there, but even some very experienced writers and big publishing houses run free promotions on science fiction, fantasy, and other book genres in order to increase their readership. The point is that some free speculative fiction eBooks are really very good!

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What is Speculative Fiction?

This has become an umbrella term for any fiction that isn’t 100 percent based in either historical or contemporary reality. Horror, science fiction, and fantasy are the two most common genres included under this umbrella. However, it is often extended to magical realism and apocalyptic fiction. In fact, some people even put ancient myths into this category, and this makes speculative fiction the oldest genre. Some Shakespeare plays, like “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” might fall into this genre as well.

We also included speculative fiction for children because most of us started out loving these genres as kids. For example, who doesn’t remember reading, “The Once and Future King,” “The Phantom Tollbooth,” and “A Wrinkle in Time” as children. As kids get older, they might progress to “The Hobbit” and then to “Lord of the Rings.” That’s it. We get it. We’re hooked for life.

This term also covers some books that cross these genres. For example, some people contend that Game of Thrones has elements of science fiction in it, even if it is obviously a fantasy novel. Of course, many books in this class also cross into other genres like romance or historical fiction. Finally, there are some stories that are very hard to classify. A common example of this are the Tarzan novels. They aren’t exactly historical, fantasy, or science fiction, so what are they? They are speculative fiction.

It’s important to have this broader classification, so authors and readers are free to exercise their own imaginations and taste. You know what they say– authors are readers who have developed good taste and want to put that to use. Of course, there are plenty of speculative fiction readers with great taste¬† but who never write.

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