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The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess: A Pirate and Princess Romance in the 1800s Caribbean

Bottom Line: We featured another Kat Monet book before. That one was a Medieval Romance titled Blade and Blaise. We enjoyed the depth of that story. This time Kat Monet decided to compose a long novelette instead of a longer historical romance novel.The author told a compelling story, but she told the backstory in a briefer way.

Here’s the book’s short code link if you want to see the Amazon page: http://amzn.to/2kfgne5

The story moved fast, so we enjoyed it — but we would have probably enjoyed it just as much (if not more) if she would have went all the way as she did with Blade and Blase. In any case, The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess is listed at only .99 on Amazon, so this might be a good way to get an introduction to the author if your like historical romances!

About The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess: A Caribbean Pirate and Princess Romantic Book

The Pirate and the Sunrise Princess has all of the typical romance elements, including an HEA and an exciting period in history. However, it also contains an interracial romance. Sophia Franco is the mixed-race child of a Spanish doctor and an African servant. The hero is a Danish privateer. This pair has a lot of chemistry, and the interracial romance between two very strong characters made the story pretty compelling for us.

Most of the story is told through Sophia’s point of view, and we found that worked very well in this case. Not only did we get a good taste of her thoughts about the Hero, we also got the heroine’s ideas about social issues of her time – many which still apply today.

Yeah or Nay for This Historical Romance by Kat Monet

If you like spicy historical romances, we think you’ll be happy to invest .99 in a good read. You can also check out the author’s website for updates: Kat Monet – Historical Romance Fiction


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